Repairing Hair Mask
Repairing Hair Mask
Repairing Hair Mask

Repairing Hair Mask

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Get ready for extra hair care with this Repairing Hair Mask!
Repairing Hair Mask can instantly repair damaged disulfide bonds in the hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage. It also helps restructure the hair back to a healthier state, reducing hair loss during shampooing and restoring the shine, and smoothness.
  • Bond repair for dry and damaged hair 
  • Powerful smoothing and conditioning effect
  • Reduces frizz and anti-breakage
  • Eliminates frizz and split ends

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What is a disulfide bond?

  • A disulfide bond is a link that supports the health of hair.
  • Hair is 90% keratin.
  • Keratin requires disulfide bonds to link and hold it together.
  • The integrity of disulfide bonds determines the health of the hair.

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Strong repair

Reverses 10 levels of damage, restores healthy hair structure in 5 minutes


Automatically untangles knots, making hair soft and easy to comb (both wet and dry combing)


Improves 2/3 of breakage problems, making hair stronger and more elastic


Intensively hydrates, and reduces dryness by 98%, leaving hair soft and shiny

Use tips: Wet and dry your hair (No more dripping) and apply our hair mask (avoiding the scalp), apply evenly and leave on for 5-30 minutes (wrap in a shower cap), finish by rinsing out with plenty of water and then using the shampoo again.

Instructions for Use


Step 1: Wet your hair and pat it dry until it's semi-damp.

Step 2: Apply an appropriate amount of the hair mask evenly to your hair (avoiding the scalp), then tie your hair up or cover it with a shower cap. Wait for 5~30 minutes (exact time can be adjusted according to your hair-washing routine).

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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